Trendsetter Corten steel planter exudes quality. Unique balcony planter box / flower box / metal planter with optional self-watering & decorative frames.

Customized flower box for your own needs at no extra cost

Now you can get a custom-made flower box for indoor alt. outdoor use and thus avoids building your own flower box. Maybe you need privacy from a neighbor, want evergreen plants for privacy in your garden or potted trees? If you need a quick quote for your planters, we have a transparent calculation below. Prices are also kept down by simple handling without intermediaries. You can choose between Corten surface or powder coated in any colour.

Delivery time: Unpainted approx. 14 days after received payment. Please note that the order is binding.

Customized flower box for indoor or outdoor use?

We offer a flower box that is maintenance-free, durable & made of steel

Custom-made flower box for indoor decoration, privacy from neighbors, planting evergreen plants or trees in planters for privacy in your garden? Then you have found the right place. Rarely has it been easier to build a flower box. Determine the height, width and length yourself (up to 2 meters). Choose between 3 or 4 mm thick sheet metal or 1.5 mm stainless steel. The upper part of the planters, which are made of 3 or 4 mm steel, has a folded edge like our other planters in the Trendsetter series. No decorative frame is included in this option, only the outer planter with the bottom. Once in place, you can then use this page to calculate how much soil etc. you need to fill your custom-made planter. Privacy protection in the garden with evergreen plants becomes a beautiful and natural accessory in your garden.

Note that our largest Corten planters are delivered with standard steel surface, which rusts naturally when used outdoors. If you want to speed up the process, you can spray on salt water and then it takes about a week to get a nice rusty surface (we describe how here). If you don’t want a rusty planter, we can paint the pot in any color. We offer RAL Classic as a standard choice, i.e. the codes that contain RAL + four digits. If the container is to be left outdoors, we use a special foundation to make it last. Hence, there is a price difference between the indoor and outdoor varnished version.


Choice of steel

We recommend 4 mm thick steel for Corten planters so that they last many years. However, it is not uncommon to manufacture them in 3 mm. Corten itself is a durable steel where the rust that forms during outdoor use protects the steel against further corrosion. However, it does not stop completely. If you choose to laqured steel, the argument about strong Corten steel to create long-term durability disappears. There we use ordinary steel as it is rather the paint that has to last. Despite that, we offer 3 or 4 mm steel as it is a matter of taste if you like thin or slightly stronger steel purely in terms of appearance.

We also offer planters in stainless steel. This steel is almost 5 times more expensive. Therefore, we have chosen 1.5 mm as standard for these planters. These planters are welded to a box and do not have a folded edge on the top. Note that if you want lacquered planters, it will take about two extra weeks.

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