half planter in any size

Half planter gives your partition or wardrobe a nice finish. With a half pot as a wall pot / half moon planter you save space & create life both indoors and outdoors. Choose between a half planter in maintenance-free Corten or paint your wall pot in any colour. Create stylish finishes against our square planters, which you can customize here.

Choose steel, its thickness and calculate the price directly online. Prices are also kept low by simple handling without intermediaries.

Delivery time: Unpainted approx. 14 days after received payment. Please note that the order is binding.

Customize half pot / wall pot

We offer half planter that is maintenance-free, durable & made of steel

Create your own half pot / wall pot where you choose the width, depth and height yourself. You can get with or without the bottom. Choose between 3 or 4 mm thick steel. We also offer wall pots made of 1.5 mm stainless steel.

Note that our Corten pots are delivered to you with standard steel finnish, which rusts naturally when used outdoors. If you want to speed up the process, you can spray salt water on your half planter. It takes about a week to achieve a nice rusty surface on your half pot (we describe how here). If you don’t want a rusty wall pot, we can paint your stylish half planter in any color. We offer RAL Classic as a standard choice, i.e. the codes that contain RAL + four digits. If your half planter is to be left outdoors, we use galvanized steel and heat it for paint to stick. Hence, there is a price difference between the indoor and outdoor varnished version.   Choice of steel for your wall pot / half planter We recommend 4 mm thick steel for Corten pots so that they last many years. However, it is not uncommon to manufacture them in 3 mm. Corten itself is a durable steel where the rust that forms during outdoor use protects your half planter against further corrosion. However, it does not stop completely. If you choose to paint steel for this half planter, the argument about strong Corten steel to create long-term durability disappears. There we use galvanized steel for these as it is rather the paint. Despite that, we offer 3 or 4 mm steel as it is a matter of taste if you like thin or slightly thicker steel purely in terms of appearance. We also offer a wall pot in stainless steel. This steel is almost 5 times more expensive. Therefore, we have chosen 1.5 mm as standard for this half planter. Note that if you want half planter that is lacquered, it will take about two weeks extra.

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Galvad plåt består av stål som belagts med ett tunt lager av zink genom att tillföra elstötar för att få zink att fästa på stålets yta. Denna yta skyddar mot rost. Däremot gör denna yta att det blir något svårare att få färg att fästa. För att få färgen att fästa värmebehandlar man slutprodukten innan lackering.

Rostfritt stål innehåller järn som blandats med minst 10,5% krom. Det finns 5 olika varianter av rostfritt stål där mängden krom är avgörande för vilken sorts rostfritt stål man avser. Beroende på vilka egenskaper som eftersträvas tillförs även andra ämnen utöver krom så som nickel. Detta för att minska risken för rost och tillföra andra egenskaper för att förbättra stålet användningsområde i något avseende.

Corten är en stålblandning som innehåller koppar, krom, mangan och nickel. Denna blandning förhindrar att stål fräts sönder vid utomhusbruk. Detta då det ytskikt av rost som bildas vid växlande väderförhållande blir självskyddande för stålet. Rostprocessen avtar i styrka när det har fått en snygg rostig yta som förhindrar att stålet fräts sönder.


Galvanized steel consists of steel that has been coated with a thin layer of zinc by applying electric shocks to cause zinc to adhere to the surface of the steel. This surface protects against rust. However, this surface makes it somewhat more difficult to get paint to stick. In order for the paint to stick, the final product is heat-treated before painting.

Stainless steel contains iron mixed with at least 10.5% chromium. There are 5 different variants of stainless steel where the amount of chromium is decisive for which kind of stainless steel being referred to. Depending on the desired properties, other substances are also added in addition to chromium such as nickel. This is to reduce the risk of rust and add other properties to improve the steel’s area of use in some respect.

Corten is a steel mixture containing copper, chromium, manganese and nickel. This mixture prevents steel from corroding when used outdoors. This since the surface layer of rust that forms during changing weather conditions becomes self-protective for the steel. The rusting process decreases in strength when it has acquired a nice rusty surface that prevents the steel from corroding.