Corten pipes & tubes

Square pipes & Round pipes in Corten

Now you have the opportunity to realize your design dreams with the help of our small Corten tubes. We have pipes from 3 to 100 cm (square tubes & round pipes). The possibilities are endless. The largest ones fit nicely as a tree ring.

Q & A

Pipes & Tubes For Own DIY Projects

Now you have the chance to realize your own designer dreams. The possibilities are endless with the these small Corten pipes and tubes in different sizes, 3 to 100 cm.


Can you offer square tube and round pipes in other dimensions?

Yes, we can offer small Corten pipes in several dimensions. If you need larger quantities under Ø200 mm, we need a minimum order of at least 5 tons. Corten pipes are hard to come by and are generally not something that is kept in stock. As a result, odd dimensions are manufactured to order. As such we need larger quantities in order to deliver unless we have it in stock.

Since Corten pipes straight from the factory look almost the same as regular, cheaper steel, it is easy to get it wrong. However, Corten is more expensive than regular steel and must contain copper to be Corten. To ensure that it is really the Corten pipes we deliver to you, we test the chemical composition before each shipment using a spectrometer.


About Corten as a material choice for Corten pipes

Corten contains copper, chromium, manganese and nickel, which makes this a relatively expensive material. In the open air outdoors, Corten metal rusts just like ordinary carbon steel but what distinguishes Corten in appearance is the content of copper. This material is increasingly visible if exposed to weather and wind.

Corten does not rust as fast as other types of steel since the rust layer is self-protective for the Corten pipes. Hence, as the steel oxidizes, the surface of the steel is transforms from ordinary steel paint to eventually achieve a thin protective reddish-brown rust layer. It is precisely this rust that over time causes the corrosion of the steel to stop. This since the rust prevents moisture from penetrating into your round pipes.


If I want to use Corten pipes, how do I avoid rust waste?

You can avoid rust waste from your designs by spraying varnish on it for a low cost. Another option is to brush on a plant-based candle wax on it. You can use wax from soy, coconut or rapeseed on Corten.