Fire bowls / coffee tables

Useful Fire Bowls in Corten for Both Indoor & Outdoor Environments

You can alternate between using the Cortenfactory’s durable fire bowls as round outdoor coffee table, outdoor pedestal table, fire baskets or as fountain for gardens.

Q & A

Fire Bowls In Corten For Both Indoor & Outdoor Environments

You can alternate between using the Cortenfactory’s durable fire bowls as round outdoor coffee table, outdoor pedestal table, fire baskets or as fountain for gardens.

Where can you use fire bowls? Can you use them on a balcony?

Normally, there is nothing that prevents you from using fire baskets in your own garden, in courtyards and yards of apartment buildings, provided that the landlord / condominium association allows it. The person who sets fire is responsible for ensuring that the fire does not spread uncontrolled and that the fire does not cause inconvenience to others when using these fire bowls.

Can you use fire bowls on a wooden deck?

That should not be a problem, as long as you make sure that the radiant heat or sparks from the fire do not risk igniting the substrate. Thus, fire baskets should not stand directly on a combustible surface such as wooden decks. An alternative is to lay an approx. 1.5 mm thick steel plate (galvanized, stainless or lacquered tear plate) on your wooden pallet, where the diameter should be 60 cm larger than the bowl. We can help you cut a plate according to specific dimensions if desired. Then place your fire baskets or outdoor pedestal table on top of it. Also make sure to have extinguishing materials on hand close to the fire bowls.

Where can I find fire-resistant flooring?

For the round outdoor coffee table Halo, a steel sheet tray is available as an accessory. This collects the ash under this round outdoor coffee table and protects the floor. Thinner galvanized sheet metal can also be bought at a regular hardware store. If you want something specially adapted, we can help with this for any of the fire bowls.

Another option is to place fire-resistant tile between the wooden deck and any of our fire baskets. We have a partnership with Pronto Kakel and can therefore also assist you with this. Feel free to take a look at their stylish plates in large formats suitable for our fire bowls and fountain for gardens.

How do you set a fire in fire bowls?

Fire requires oxygen to burn and preferably with a flow from below to speed up the fire. To make it easier to set a fire, we have developed a fire grate in Corten for our fire baskets, which creates a distance between the bottom of the fire bowls and the grates.

Our fire basket Halo has holes in the bottom along its outer edge to create oxygen flow to the fire bowl. You can buy a metal tray that collects the ash under the round outdoor coffee table that will also protect the floor. This tray is placed under the barrel. Peerfect since there is a small distance between the legs and the bottom of the fire basket.

Be sure to light a fire from above by placing two medium-sized logs next to each other horizontally on top of the fire grate. There should be a small distance between the logs. Then place two more that are slightly smaller and place them as a cross on top of the bottom layer. At the top, you can put smaller firewood crosswise in the same direction as the bottom layer. At the top, you then place kindling wood. Birch spreads less sparks than conifer wood. Wood should have a moisture content of 15-20% when burning, to avoid smoke. Freshly cut wood consists of approx. 50% water and is therefore best to be used after a year’s drying time.

Can fire bowls be used as outdoor grills?

That is now problem. You will have lots of space for that. We have designed several grill grates and has one that fits all our 80 cm fire bowls and round outdoor coffee table. This gives a good distance between the bowl and the grid. This grill grate also has a grilling surface so you can grill whatever you want. Feel free to experiment with different types of wood to flavor what you are grilling. Wood from an apple and pear tree gives a mild sour taste while oak gives a more robust taste.

What are the advantages of fire bowls?

As the heat rises, fire baskets create a lovely place to sit all year round at social events. Our fire bowls are fully assembled when they are sent to you and have no loose parts as they are welded with Corten. These round outdoor coffee tables can be used for several things. Thins like yard decoration with flower arrangements, fountain for gardens, outdoor pedestal tables, fireplace or bird bath. If you do not intend to use fire bowls as birdbath or fountain for your garden, you can easily drill a hole in the middle of the bowl with a small metal drill to create water drainage. Should you regret it, it is easy for a welder to seal the hole.

What are the advantages of buying fire bowls made of Corten?

Corten is a durable material that is also maintenance-free. These fire bowls achieve a beautiful deep reddish-brown color from its copper when put outdoors. Changing weather transforms its surface from the usual color of steel to over time achieving a thin protective reddish-brown rust layer.

It is an oxidation process of the steel surface that starts with the help of weather and wind. This process eventually causes corrosion of the steel to stop. The rust layer that forms thus protects this fire bowls and adheres to the surface of the steel. This prevents moisture from penetrating the round outdoor coffee tables. The protective patina prevents steels from corroding. It does not require painting and does not damage the strength of the steel. This is a durable variant that will be a cherished feature to admire for many years in your garden or at your glamping!

How do I build a fountain for garden out of these fire bowls?

You can convert any of the round outdoor coffee tables to a fountain for garden. You may also hide ugly cables in the foot. We show here in a short video how to create a unique fountain for your garden by using our fire bowls.

If I want to use fire bowls as fountain for garden or water bath, how do I avoid rust?

You avoid rust waste from, for example, a birdbath by brushing on a plant-based wax from soy, coconut or rapeseed. It protects well and is not dangerous for the birds. Melt the wax for the outdoor pedestal table over low heat and brush on a thin, even layer over the rusty surface.

Is it possible to get a lacquered outdoor pedestal table / round outdoor coffee table?

Yes, we can arrange that. An option is to lacquer the inside of the bowl only. As such you avoid rust waste in water if you, for example, want to use the fire bowl as a birdbath or fountain for garden. We can lacquer in any RAL-colour. Contact for a quote.

If you want to lacquer a fire bowl to be used as outdoor grill, a matte heat resistant black paint is an option.