Decorative screens, pergolas & fences

Maintenance Free Laser-Cut Panels for Indoor & Outdoor Usage

4 & 6ft metal fence panels, in maintenance-free Corten or lacquered in any RAL- colour. Available with holes for installation in any desired post alt. welded on metal posts (3.5 x 3.5 mm) to avoid screw holes. This make them very easy to install. Available with curved top edge with hidden LED lighting or flat screens. Used to build for privacy deck railing, screen wall, privacy trellis & designs such as metal wall with rust for garden, interior wall or patio.

Laser cut screens

“Create your own unique environment”

– for wall, ceiling or free-standing installation

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The screen, Maja-Li, may be used both indoors and outdoors. Choose between lacquer in any RAL color or Corten. Available in round or rectangular shape. Can, for example, be mounted to a post, with spacers, wire or chain. If you are interested in Maja-Li, send an e-mail to

Q & A

Decorative Screens for e.g. Patios, Fences & Businesses

Laser cut sheet metal wall / decorative panel. Use as partition wall or even an illuminated 6ft fence. Beautiful to combine, both indoors and outdoors, as trellis panels together with our large planters. We can customize the design if desired via e.g. a company sign or own desired pattern.


What are the advantages of a partition wall in Corten?

Corten is a durable material that is also maintenance-free. Changing weather changes the surface of the sheet metal wall from a normal steel color to over time achieving a thin protective reddish-brown rust layer. It is a copper color that appears.

The protective patina prevents the steel from corroding your decorative panel. It does not require painting and does not damage the strength of the partition wall such as for a 6ft fence or trellis panels. The thickness of the steel of 3-5 mm gives weight and you get a partition wall / sheet metal wall.


Is a decorative panel delivered with a nice rusty surface?

We try to ensure that our sheet metal wall has a rusty finish when delivered to you if in stock. In cases where they are not in stock, the production time of trellis panels is only about 3 weeks.

If you want to speed up the rusting process your partition wall, you can mix a little ordinary table salt with water (about 2-4 tablespoons / liter of water). Spray on the mixture using a regular flower sprayer. Leave overnight and then wash off with clean water a few times to remove the salt residue. The more times you soak your partition wall and let it dry, the faster you get a nicely rusted surface. This only takes a few days to achieve.


Is it possible to get a lacquered partition wall?

Yes, we can arrange that. We can paint the partition wall to suit both indoor and outdoor in any RAL color. Contact for a quote.


Maintenance of lacquered screen wall & Corten sheet metal wall

A lacquered screen wall placed outdoors should be cleaned annually. In order not to damage the screens, you should use normal cleaning agents and not stronger chemicals. If heavy dirt, however, T-red can be used. In order for the screens to last, they must not be exposed to mechanical damage such as kicks or other forms of minor damage.

If you choose Corten they are maintenance-free.

without post, how to mount?

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