Large pots for indoor- & outdoor usage

Large Metal Planters of High Quality that are Durable

Choose between large metal planters, both outdoor and indoor variants in Corten or lacquered in any color. Our pots are frost-resistant and may as such be used as winter planters for the fancy garden. Our large metal planters have a self-watering system, space for insulation and holes in the bottom for lighting. We also have trellises that fit.

Customized planters ~ selectable metal thickness in Corten or lacquered

Q & A

Large Metal Planters of High Quality That Are Durable

Large metal planters for indoor- & outdoor usage that breathe durability & quality. We offer weather resistant winter planters for the fancy garden. We also offer indoor plant pot containers with minimalistic handles since edge of the flower pot is folded in.


How large metal planters do one need?

Consider the full-grown size of the plant when choosing the flower pot size. You don’t want to buy large metal planters that are too small and will need to be replaced as the tree or shrub grows. Second, measure the size of the root ball. The plant’s roots will need room to spread out, so make sure you choose a pot large enough to accommodate them. About 3 times larger pot than root ball is a good yardstick.


What are the advantages of large metal planters in Corten?

Corten is a durable material that is also maintenance-free. You get frost-resistant winter planters that achieves a beautiful deep red-brown color from its copper when exposed to outdoor environments. Changing weather transform its surface from the usual color of steel to over time achieving a thin protective reddish-brown rust layer.

The protective patina prevents the steel from corroding on your large metal planters, requires no painting and does not damage the strength of the steel. The steel’s thickness of 3-4 mm gives weight and creates a stable, durable winter planters in any fancy garden.


Is it possible to get large plant pot containers with handles in any color?

Yes, we can arrange that. We can paint the flower pot in any RAL color. Contact for a quote.


How much soil do I need to buy for my large metal planters?

Via our measurement calculator, you can calculate how many liters of soil and leca you need to fill your large metal planters. On the same page, we also describe how to create a self-watering planter.