Cocktail tables / portable firepit, Art Glow

Our beautiful cocktail table from the Art Glow series (80 cm) is a unique and modern fire bowl made of Corten that gilds your garden all year round. Let your creativity flow and create a unique, defined place to thrive.

Art Glow may be used as a grill, portable fire pit, decorative planter, fountain or bird bath. However, if you want to use the bowl as a coffee table, you can add our table top in bronze-colored mirror glass or tempered glass. Then you can easily convert this fireplace into a beautiful coffee table according to the season.

Watch our inspirational video where the different areas of use are shown.

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Cocktail tables or portable firepit, unique & modern

Cocktail tables from the Art Glow series is also a unique portable firepit that gilds your garden all year round. Let your creativity flow and create a unique, defined place to thrive with this fire bowl or pedestal.

See our inspiration video where the different areas of use are shown.

Convert cocktail tables into other areas of use

Light the fire bowl Glow and you extend the garden party long after the sun has set. It will be hard to tear yourself away from an evening around this elegant and modernly designed portable firepit. With the help of this portable firepit, you can organize cozy barbecue evenings out in your own garden all year round. We then recommend our stainless steel grill grate with a frying surface as a complement to this cocktail table.

To enable more areas of use than a portable firepit, there is no hole in the bottom. However, fire requires oxygen to light and preferably a flow from below. Thus, we recommend that you buy for our own designed fire grille in Corten for this fire bowl, which creates a distance between the bottom of the fire and the grille. Oxygen flow makes it easier to set fire to the wood.

If you want to use this portable firepit as an cocktail table, we have glass table tops for both indoors and outdoors areas. We provide two different alternatives to Art Glow. The most exclusive option consists of a bronze-colored mirror glass. This glass has an under-glued bronze-colored safety glass on the underside. This table top captures the surroundings via the mirror glass. An incredibly beautiful detail for your patio. We also offer a bronze-colored glass top in safety glass if you prefer.

Use this portable firepit in several ways in addition to cocktail table. Why not create unique flower arrangements with this beautiful pedestal or give the birds a birdbath? A birdbath of rank!


About Corten as a material choice for our cocktail table

Corten contains copper, chromium, manganese and nickel, which makes this a relatively expensive material. When Corten is exposed to weather and wind, it oxidizes. It then forms a thick layer of rust which is self-protecting for the cocktail table. Over time the copper color appears more and more clearly. The steel goes from having a black metal color to getting a beautiful vibrant and rusty surface. It then acquires a down-to-earth and vibrant color which is very expressive when you mix it with greenery, modern environments and material choices such as glass and concrete.

The oxidation process of the steel becomes noticeable already after 6 months of outdoor use. It takes about 2 years for the steel to achieve an evenly rusty surface for the cocktail table. However, this outdoor fireplace / pedestal / sofa table has a nice rusty surface when you buy it. This surface will only get more beautiful with the years.

Art Glow is a portable fire pit / pedestal made of 3 mm thick Corten. This cocktail table will be a cherished outdoor fireplace to admire for many years in your garden.


Corten indoors

The rusty surface from Corten creates a warm atmosphere that fits perfectly indoors. If you are worried about rust stains from this fireplace, you can spray matt clear lacquer on the rusted Corten to avoid rust stains.

Watch our inspirational video where the different areas of use are shown such as bird bath, sofa table, fountain, portable firepit and for barbecues.

Art Glow is our multi-faceted fire bowl and portable firepit. You may use it as a cocktail table, as birdbath or a pedestal.

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 54 cm

Fire bowl only, Table top only (mirror glass), Table top only (tempered glass)


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