Company sign with lighting / Corten sign (H 110/180 cm)

To be seen is to exist! To be visible, a company sign is required that is both simple, stylish and that stands out (110 or 180 cm high). We create a beautiful LED-lit Corten sign for your own company or as wall-art for your home. We give you the opportunity to stand out and create your own profile, regardless of whether it concerns a company or your private home.

It takes about 8 weeks from idea to delivered company sign as you must also be available to ensure a design you are happy with.

If you want to see some variants live, take a trip to the hidden gem Runö Möten & Events in Åkersberga which has several of our produced signs installed (vertically & horizontally).

20,925 kr28,425 kr inkl moms


Modern sign for your company or house to make you unique

Company sign with lighting allows people to know that you exist, which is incredibly important for companies. To be seen is to exist! A Corten sign by your driveway or facade is a step in the right direction and as a result you will get the right attention. Maybe it is also important for you to have a sign that shows the way to your office or different departments? For example, is there a need to inform about opening hours, prices, contact information, website or more specific things such as menus or safety regulations?

To be visible, you need a company sign that is both simple, stylish and that stands out. You can now get what is important for you to show in a laser cut and maintenance-free sign made of Corten steel. Such a company sign brings out the right and professional feeling of your company and makes you stick out. You get a beautiful company sign with lighting to be proud of, which others will pay attention to and which will make you visible. We give you the opportunity to stick out by creating your own profile and all we need is a sketch that shows what the sign should contain. Make your business interesting and as a result, the attractiveness of your business will increase.


Size options for your company sign with lighting

Bild till vänster visar mått för skärmar monterade horisontellt alt vertikalt. Bild till höger visar mått för belyst skärmvägg / staket med fastsvetsade Cortenstolpar.

We offer company signs in two different sizes, 110 cm x 105 cm or 110 x 175 cm. Our company signs have welded Corten posts with an upper U-profile for LED lighting. The screens including posts are a total of 110 cm or 180 cm high. The picture above shows the distance of 8 mm that exists between the square tube and the curved upper edge. Where you can easily thread through and hide a led strip to the screens.

We weld the posts to your company sign. The posts consist of 3.5 x 3.5 cm square pipes in Corten to create an exclusive, modern and minimalist look. Thus, there are no visible screw holes or led lights since you hide it with this variant. For further information, see our  inspiration video that shows how a screen can look as illuminated.

Stängselstolpar / staketstolpar / Cortenstolpar

Fence posts / fence posts / Corten posts

Our posts are available in two lengths (1.09 meters / 1.79 meters) and consist of 3 mm thick Corten. If you are interested in several signs in a row, there are also double posts available for the screens.

Feel free to watch our instructional video regarding tips on how to install our Corten posts.


LED lighting for your Corten sign

We offer a product-adapted dimmable LED lighting for our screens from Xcen. This kit has a power of 460 lumens (5 watts) which provides a comfortable light outdoors. As the Corten itself has a brown tone, color recycling is the color temperature you choose in the warmer direction. Therefore, we have chosen 3000K as the standard alternative to the sign. This model has a protective silicone shell that gives IP class 68 and is completely waterproof. The model has a 5-year warranty and should last 50,000 hours. If you want, you can control your lighting via an app in your mobile by, for example, buying a Plejd. Then you can set your lighting so it follows the sun’s up and down, dim down and turn on and off your lighting at a certain time.


Process steps in the manufacture of a company sign for you

We use the following work process when we produce your company sign.

  1. The customer sends us a sketch of what they want the sign to contain. Use this template that is proportional. Copy all text and image / logo in the template to show what you want your sign to look like. In this way, we easily ensure that the design of your sign will meet your expectations.
  2. The customer forwards the template according to point 1 above and your logo / alternatively desired image in SVG format to Specify which font you want the sign to contain for all text.
  3. The Cortenfactory produces a preliminary sketch to ensure that the Cortenfactory has perceived the customer correctly before CAD drawing begins.
  4. The customer approves the final CAD sketch before production of the respective sign begins.
  5. Signs are delivered to you without a pre-treated surface. The customer can speed up the rusting process himself by spraying on salt water if desired.


LED Corten sign for your own home

Is it not quite bland with only one number on each house wall? Maybe you are interested in a beautiful illuminated sign with your own motif for your home? Why not have your own pattern with your number on the house facade? We give you the opportunity to personalize your home and as a result, your house will be more interesting!


About Corten steel as a material for your company sign

Corten steel is an alloy and a trendy material choice. Nowadays, it is becoming more common to use this durable and very beautiful material for various artistic constructions such as facades, pots and sculptures. The beauty of Corten is that it changes over time which makes the material come alive. The steel’s earthy color is very expressive when you mix it with greenery, modern environments and strict material choices such as glass.

NOTE! Measurement protocols and installation are not included in the price of the Cortensign.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 80 cm

H110 x W110 cm x D43, H180 x W110 cm x D43