Corten pot Bonnie, round with holes for lighting

Our well thought through round Corten pots in the Bonnie series come in three different sizes (diameter 32 x 45 high, 41 x 53 and 51 x 60 cm).

These extra high pots give an elegant impression and are available with or without bottom. The bottom is welded 2 cm up inside the pot for good drainage and durability.

These pots are delivered with a nice rusty surface and are made in Sweden. The bottom plate has 4 drainage holes and our graphic logo cut out with a laser. One of the holes in the bottom is adapted to make wiring invisible if you want to beautifully illuminate your plants.

If you want to use the pots indoors, there are pot saucers in Acacia wood as an option for these stylish pots.

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Round Corten planter to illuminate plants from the inside

Bonnie is our round Corten pot / planting tube / pot set in three sizes. You may buy with or without bottom. If you prefer with bottom we weld it 2 cm up to ensure adequate drainage. At the bottom of the Corten pot you will find our graphic logo nicely cut using lazer together with 4 drainage holes. A housewife’s tip is to put coffee filters over the drainage holes to preserve moisture in the soil in these outdoor pots. At the same time, this avoids too wet soil in this planting vessel. The size of the holes are there to simplify internal wiring and as a result illuminate plants without visible cables in these outdoor pots.

The pots now come in new sizes. The Bonnie series / pot set is now taller than the previous edition. There are now three different sizes where the diameter is smaller than the height to create an elegant impression for this Corten pot. This pot with extra height makes these pots stand out and create elegance. If you want, you can also add pots from our Evolution series. For exampe the 29 cm or our 32 cm high Corten vase in the same series. With these planting tubes, you can create trendy creations to taste and liking.

This Corten pot set comes with a nicely rusty surface that will change over time based on how the pot is exposed to weather and wind. Corten is a living material that only gets more beautiful with age.

In order not to miss watering plants, we recommend that you use a self-watering inner pot such as the pot Leva in this planting tube. If you are interested in square planters, see our series Trendsetter and also our high planting vessel, My Space.


Optional wooden pot saucer for our rusty pots

Is there a more beautiful interior detail than an olive, palm or fig tree? Now there is a modern and stylish pot saucer with straight lines in lacquered Acacia wood for our pots. This makes it possible to use our round Corten pots indoors during winter and outdoors during summer. These pot saucers fit as serving dishes or serving trays. Imagine serving tapas and drinks to loved ones on a 33 or 49 cm large serving platter? We engrave 0ur  logo to the backside.


About Corten when manufacturing Corten pots

Corten steel is a durable, exclusive and living material that only gets more beautiful as years go by. In addition, it is maintenance-free! Corten is often the choice of architects. It is a material that is beautiful to mix with greenery, glass and concrete.

Corten steel gets a beautiful earthy reddish-brown color when exposed to weather and wind. The longer it stands outdoors and is affected by rain and debris, the darker the brown color of the steel. In outdoor use, a rust layer forms on the metal surface that protects the steel. The rust does not jeopardize the structural strength of the pot. The oxidation process of the steel becomes visible already after 6 months of outdoor use, but it takes about 2 years to achieve an evenly rusty surface. You can speed up the process by using salt water. Our Corten pot come with a nicely rusty surface.

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With / without bottom

Without bottom, With laser cut bottom


32 cm in diameter x 45 high, 41 cm in diameter x 53 high, 51 cm in diameter x 60 high