Sale of geographically patterned decorative screens. Set with three screens and stand for privacy protection, room dividers or trellis. Total dimension as mounted; width 120 cm, height 190 cm & 3 cm deep.

Decorative screens in metal – room divider, trellis

Sale of decorative screens at a 50% discount as we will not continue to sell these. There may be some scratches on one of the screens. With these decorative screens you may delimit your garden, patio, office or home. Each set consists of a set of three panels and stands. These geographically patterned decorative screens can be used as room dividers, privacy screens, trellis or protection to hide, for example, elements or heat pumps. Mounted size is 190 cm high, 120 cm wide and 3 cm deep.

Original price was: $515.56.Current price is: $257.79. inc VAT

Sale of decorative screens

Sale of decorative screens at 50% discount as we will not continue to sell these. There may be some scratch on one of the screens. Use these decorative screens as privacy screens, trellises or room dividers both inside and outside. Use a set to hide unsightly views, to block unwanted direct sunlight, trellise, create privacy or to frame a room. With these graphic patterns, you get a modern alternative to wooden panels. Inspired by traditional geometric patterns from around the world, these screens are modern yet versatile.

Through sales, you have the opportunity to create a defined area or design different zones in the garden as well as indoors at a low price. Easily transform your garden, patio, home or office with one of these decorative screens consisting of three panels. With these screens, you can effectively create room dividers to divide a bedroom into two. You can also easily design a modern and flexible sleeping alcove between the kitchen and living room in the small one-room apartment. In the open office landscape, you can form different zones for different areas of use.

Items in each package

These decorative screens have a solid set that is still light as they are made of 2 mm thick sheet metal. The shades have a powder coating with UV inhibitors to minimize fading. Each screen set includes three screen panels, two stand feet, two long stands and two short stand bars. Plus, all hardware is included for quick and easy installation for decorative screens that are now on sale.

Size as assembled is 190 cm high, 120 cm wide and 3 cm deep.