DIY outdoor sofa, Choice, possibility to influence

Design your own version of the outdoor sofa Choice (126 cm, 246 cm or 366 cm long). Buy complete variant or only our metal frame & sketch. Then select the type of wood and pillows from any supplier using the accompanying sketch.

This is a sustainability option where you have the opportunity to shop selected parts from any local supplier. If any part wears out, it is easy to replace or if you want to update the design of the sofa, there are endless possibilities with the outdoor sofa Choice. The most exclusive variant we offer is with the Nordic Swan Ecolabelled wood (durability of wood is estimated to be 50 years).

DIY Utesoffa varianter på kuddar
DIY sofa. Options ~ there are more…


Click <here> to see a short video showing the sofa.

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Outdoor sofa for year-round use with the possibility to influence design

DIY outdoor sofa Choice has got its name for a reason. With this sofa, we offer you the opportunity to be part of the creative process. In this way you contribute to:

  • to support your local suppliers and thus reduce your climate footprint
  • impact the total cost by making parts yourself
  • create your own unique design


You choose if you only want to buy a metal frame from us that you paint yourself in any color, buy other parts separately such as wooden seat and pillows, or alternatively buy a complete outdoor sofa from the Cortenfactory.

The great thing about this DIY outdoor sofa is that you can easily replace its parts in the event of need or of you want to upgrate to new design without having to throw away the entire sofa. All to create a sustainable alternative for the future.


Size options

This DIY outdoor sofa can be made as long as you like as we can weld it together in 120 cm sections. The standard options are 126 cm, 246 or 366 cm long. If you want an even longer sofa, just get in touch with us for a quote The sofa can be used without sofa cushions, but if you want, we send measurements of sofa cushions fits the sofa. We have chosen a size for the sofa so you can easily buy optional pillows on the market. Regarding leather details for the armrests, you can either sew yourself or we can contribute with it.

DIY outdoor sofa options
DIY outdoor sofa options


What is needed for this DIY outdoor sofa to be complete?

All links in this text are for guiding you in where to find <all parts> . The base of this sofa is its metal frame. It consists of 2 mm thick steel. If you only buy a frame, we will include a sketch that shows all parts in order to create a complete sofa, such as suggestions for wood seat size, suitable size of pillows and screws. We can also point at where to find it.

We can deliver this frame unpainted to you. By hand-painting it with metallic paint, you not only get a durable alternative. You also have the opportunity to choose the color and improve if someone should bump into or scrape away some paint from your sofa. If you paint it with good color, this sofa can stand outside all year round!

To complete this DIY outdoor sofa, you need wood for the seat. Here you can choose the width of the wood and the choice of wood species such as the very durable wood Accoya. This is the most exclusive variant we offer where Accoya is a  Nordic Swan Ecolabelled wood (durability on wood is estimated to be 50 years). To mount the bed with any wood, you also need acid-proof stainless screws and furniture paws to protect the floor. Click <here> to watch video with Accoya wood. The positive thing about Accoya is that if you paint with good metal paint and use Accoya, this DIY outdoor sofa will be able to stay outdoors all year round for many years.


Summary of parts you need for your outdoor sofa:

In summary, you need the following parts for your DIY outdoor sofa:

  • metal frame
  • metal paint
  • acid-proof screws & end caps
  • wooden plank
  • sofa cushions for outdoor use


We hope to see lots of different variations of this DIY outdoor sofa. Feel free to send a picture and we will share and tag you in our feed Instagram.

Additional information

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126 cm, 246 cm, 366 cm


Unpainted metal frame only, All parts excluding pillows, Complete sofa


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