Fire bowls with fire grate ~ 60, 80 alt 150 cm

Beautiful fire bowls with a nice rusty Corten finnish that extends the garden party long after the sun has set and lifts your garden.

These are also one of the most ultimate glamping accessories.

Rest your eyes on a beautiful fire or use this unique hose as a decorative bowl / bird bath. Available in three sizes: 150 cm and 66 cm high, 80 cm in diameter and 36 high alternatively 60 cm in diameter and 32 cm high. This option includes our uniquely designed fire grate to more easily set fires.

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Glow fire bowls for cozy occasions with heat and barbecue

Light the fire bowls Glow and you’ll extend the garden party long after the sun has set. It will be hard to tear yourself away from an evening around a Corten steel fire pit. With the help of a round fire pit, you can organize cozy barbecue evenings out on your terrace or add it to your perfect kit of glamping accessories for excursion all year round.


How to start a fire in a Corten steel fire pit?

Fire requires oxygen to burn and preferably with a flow from below to more easily set the fire. Therefore, our own designed fire grate in Corten is included with these fire bowls, which creates a distance between the bottom of the fire bowls and the grate. Oxygen circulating within the round fire pit makes it easier to light the wood. The Corten steel fire pit should be positioned in a safe place to avoid the spread of sparks. If you want to place a round fire pit on a wooden floor, you should have a fire pit mat underneath. Thinner galvanized sheet metal can be bought at a regular hardware store.

Glow does not require assembly as the undercarriage is welded, stands firmly and is easy to move. Thus, no special preparations are required for these fire bowls. There is plenty of room to put wood in the round fire pit regardless of size you choose. With our grill grate that has a grilling surface, you can grill on the embers.


What is the fire hose bowl size?

We have different sizes and there are also really large fire bowls with a diameter of 150 cm. This hose consists of 4 mm Corten and is 40 cm deep. We have also produced a grill grate in carbon steel for this hose. If interested, please get in touch throught

Glow eldfat/eldskål förlänger trädgårdsfesten långt efter solen gått ner. Upp till 150 cm stort eldfat finns. Denna kamin som blomsterfat?

Glow fire bowls 150 cm i diameter 


These fire bowls also works great as a relief table if you add our table top.

Glow eldfat/eldskål förlänger trädgårdsfesten långt efter solen gått ner. Upp till 150 cm stort eldfat finns. Denna kamin som blomsterfat?

Glow fire bowls 80 cm i diameter


The advantage of the smallest fire bowls that are 60 cm is that it is easy to bring in the car to the summer cottage or the beach.

Glow eldfat/eldskål förlänger trädgårdsfesten långt efter solen gått ner. Upp till 150 cm stort eldfat finns. Denna kamin som blomsterfat?

Glow corten steel fire pit with fire grate 60 cm


What else can you use this fire bowl for?

For an inspirational video regarding what you can use the fire bowl for, click <here>. As the video shows, there are several ways to use the round fire pit. Let the creativity flow and create a unique confined place to thrive. Why not have water lilies in these beautiful fire bowls and at the same time give the birds a bird bath? A bird bath of rank! The round fire pit has a nice rusty Corten surface that only gets more beautiful with age. As we want to make it possible to use Glow in more ways than just a fireplace, there is no hole in the bottom of these fire bowls. You may also use Glow as a pot for your plants. Furthermore create other unique creations such as water lily bath, fountain or birdbath.

You avoid rust waste from, for example, a birdbath by brushing on a plant-based light wax from soy, coconut or rapeseed. It protects well and is not dangerous for the birds. Melt the wax over low heat and brush on a thin, even layer over the rusty surface. Click <here> for instructional video.

If you want, you can easily drill a hole in the middle of the hose with a small metal drill.


What is glamping?

Glamping is a form of glamorous camping. The word describes a style of camping in nature with amenities that may not be commonly associated with traditional camping. Wouldn’t a round fire pit be the ultimate glamping accessory to create a cozy evening around fire bowls to get heat and atmosphere? Why not together with other glamping accessories such as a portable projector where you project the image against your tent wall.

Glow eldfat med eldgaller i Corten. En unik kamin för utomhusbruk / eldfat / eldskål / eldkorg / stort eldfat som förgyller trädgårdsfesten och även kan användas som blomsterfat / dekorationsfat / näckrosbad / fågelbad.
Glow fire bowls with fire grate in Corten


About Corten as a material choice for our fire bowls

Corten is a rust resistant steel and this round fire pit achieves a beautiful deep maroon color when exposed to weather and wind. Changing weather changes its surface from the usual color of steel to over time achieving a thin protective reddish-brown rust layer. It is an oxidation process of the steel surface that starts with the help of weather and wind. This process eventually causes corrosion of the steel to stop. The rust layer that forms thus protects this Corten steel fire pit and adheres to the surface of the steel, which prevents moisture from penetrating the fire bowls. The protective patina prevents steels from corroding, does not require painting and does not damage the strength of the steel.

When the steel oxidizes, it takes on an earthy and vibrant color. Corten is very expressive when mixed with greenery, modern environments and material choices such as glass and concrete. The oxidation process of outdoor fire bowls is already visible after 6 months outdoors, but it takes about 2 years for the steel to achieve an evenly rusted surface if you don’t hurry up by brushing on salt water. We have tidied up these fire bowls and it therefore has a nice rusty surface that only gets nicer over the years. We will send you a dish that already has a rusty surface. This is a durable variant that will be a cherished feature to admire for many years in your garden or as one of the top glamping accessories!


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60 cm, 80 cm, 150 cm, Table top to 80 cm (mirror glass), Table top to 80 cm (tempered glass)