Fire grate that makes it easier to light fire

Unique fire grate for our Glow fire bowls in beautiful design made of Corten. This wood grate is created to make it easier to light a fire when using Glow as a fire bowl.

Note! Only fire grate is included in this option. Do not forget to also add the bowl if you are interested in it.

1,425 kr4,500 kr inc VAT

Fire grate for Glow fire bowls

Fire grate for our Glow fire bowls as fire requires oxygen to light and preferably a from below. Thus, we have created this unique and self-designed fire grate/ash grate made of Corten. This creates a distance between the bottom of the fire bowl and this beautiful wood grate/grate. The flow of oxygen makes it easier to set fire to the wood.

To enable more ways of using our Glow bowl than as a fireplace, there is no drilled hole in the bottom of the it. As fire requires oxygen, we therefore recommend that you buy our fire grate to create an influx of oxygen under the wood.


Grill grate

New for this year is our unique grill grate for Glow 80 and 60, Art Glow as well as Halo. This grill grate is 82 cm in diameter and also has a frying surface and an opening for easy filling of coal / wood. You put the side panels as a cross to create the right distance between charcoal / wood when BBQ’ing. This product is of 3 mm thick exclusive stainless steel (316 L).


About Corten as a material choice for our fire grate/ash grate

Corten is a steel that achieves a beautiful deep reddish-brown color if being exposed to weather and wind. Changing weather conditions transform its surface from ordinary grey steel to eventually achieve a thin protective reddish-brown rust layer. It is an oxidation process of the steel surface that starts with the help of weather and wind. Over time, this process causes the corrosion of the steel to stop. The rust layer formed on this fire grate thus becomes self-protective for the steel and adheres to the metal surface which prevents moisture from penetrating. The insulating patina resists corrosion, requires no painting or weather insulation and does not compromise structural strength.

When the steel oxidizes, it acquires an earthy and vibrant color. The first years with a red element and which over the years go towards the increasingly browner direction. Corten is very expressive when you mix it with greenery, modern environments and material choices such as glass and concrete. The oxidation process of the steel becomes noticeable already after 6 months of outdoor use, but it takes about 2 years for the steel to achieve an evenly roasted surface if you do not speed up the process by, for example, brushing on salt water. This fire grate is pre-treated and therefore has a nice rusted surface that will only get more beautiful with the years.