Drink table with led lighting / fireplace

Halo is a Swedish-made unique round coffee table / fire barrel made of 3 mm thick Corten. Its graphic pattern spreads a beautiful glow to enjoy whether it is used as a fireplace or a coffee table together with our LED lighting kit which works indoors and outdoors. You may spray matt clear lacquer on the rusty Corten to avoid rust stains if you want to use it indoors.

Choose between copper-colored mirror glass or tempered copper-colored glass to convert this firebasket into a beautiful LED-lit coffee table (click here for video when illuminated).

Halo is 82 cm in diameter and 45 cm high. A black metal tray to collect ash is also available.

299 kr9,999 kr inkl moms


Round coffee table in Corten that can easily be converted into a fireplace

Halo, metal coffee table is a drink table alternatively fireplace. It is a beautiful modern pool table especially as illuminated coffee table. Halo serves two purposes a drink table with LED lighting or a unique Corten fire barrel.

Our metal coffee table Halo has a laser-cut graphic pattern. The pattern spreads a unique and elegant play with light. That both as an drink table and a fire barrel. Illuminating this Swedish-made drink table / fire barrel will extend the garden party long after the sun has set. A place to thrive that attracts attention as this table lights up your patio. With its brown tone, Corten creates a warm atmosphere when you add light to it. Halo is 82 cm in diameter and 45 cm high.


Metal coffee table with unique light

If you want to use this Corten fire barrel as an illuminated drink table, there are glass table tops as accessories. These are suitable both indoors and outdoors. We provide two different alternatives to Halo. The most exclusive option consists of a bronze-colored mirror glass to this drink table. This glass has an under-glued bronze-colored safety glass on the underside. This table top captures the surroundings via the mirror glass and forms an incredibly beautiful detail for your patio. Stunning as a modern pool table. We also offer a bronze-colored glass top in safety glass if you prefer. Now you have the opportunity to get a completely unique metal coffee table / drink table that is illuminated as we also offer a product-adapted dimmable LED lighting as an option for Halo from Xcen.


This kit has a power of 14W/meter which provides a comfortable outdoor light. As the Corten itself has a brown tone, color recycling of the color temperature will transform in the warmer direction. Therefore, we have chosen 3000K as the default option. This model has a protective silicone shell that gives IP class 67 which also the transformer with 24V has. The model has a 5-year warranty and should last 50,000 hours. If you want, you can control your outdoor lighting via an app in your mobile by, for example, buying a Plejd. With this you can set your LED lighting so it follows the sun’s up and down, dim your lighting, turn it on and off at a certain time and thus convert this outdoor drink table into a unique luminaire.


Drink table / fire barrel in Corten indoors

Corten contains copper, chromium, manganese and nickel, which makes this a relatively expensive material. When Corten is exposed to weather and wind, it oxidizes. It forms a thick layer of rust which is self-protecting for the steel. The copper color appears more and more clearly and the steel goes from having a black metal color to getting a beautiful rusty surface. Its rusty surface creates a warm atmosphere that fits perfectly indoors. If you are worried about rust stains from the drink table, you can spray matt clear lacquer on the rusty Corten to avoid rust stains.

Do not miss our grill grate with a frying surface that fits this Corten fireplace / fire barrel.

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 82 × 82 × 45 cm

Fireplace / coffee table only, Fireplace / coffee table including lighting kit, Table top only (mirror glass), Table top only (tempered glass), Fire tray for Halo


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