Garden decoration that creates a unique atmosphere with lighting

Tulip is a unique statue / garden ornament made of 5 mm nice rusty Corten which will create that atmosphere in your garden your neighbors will envy. Corten creates a living and beautiful glimmer when you direct light towards it. Tulip has space to install lighting in its base plate to create that extra unique atmosphere.

Tulip is available in straight or round model and is easy to install. The round model is 120 cm high and 65 cm at the widest part as installed. The straight model is 147 cm high and 57 cm wide. Watch our video for further information about Tulip.

7,499 kr7,763 kr inkl moms


Tulip, a garden decoration that you can add LED lighting to or install a fountain pump to

Tulip garden decoration is a statue / garden ornament (outdoor decor) completely unique in its kind which of 5 mm nice rusty Corten. As outdoor lighting, this garden art creates that wonderful atmosphere to enjoy. Watch our video to see the outdoor decor illuminated. The beauty of Corten is that it changes over time, which makes the material lively and attractive for many architects / artists to use. The steel’s earthy color is very expressive when you mix it with greenery, modern environments and other strict material choices. Corten creates a living and beautiful mica when you direct light towards this garden art. Absolutely wonderful to rest your eyes on when darkness falls if you add lighting source. Therefore, Tulip has space to install outdoor lighting in its base plate.


Fountain or as illuminated art

Now you have the opportunity to, for example, create a completely unique avenue or delimited area consisting of several garden ornaments in a row with installed lighting or why not use this statue to let plants climb ? With this outdoor decor you can mix plants with Corten and lighting. That is guaranteed to make your neighbors envy the atmosphere you create with this garden decoration. You get a place to thrive! Another possibility is to put the statue in a planter and add fountain pump in the middle for beautiful outdoor decor. Additional alternatives are to use candles around the statue where our low Corten pot Evolution fits as a candle holder.

Tulip is easy to install, maintenance-free and requires no welding. The base plate is designed to ensure that you can easily push down each side panel in the correct intended direction. On the top, you push down a smaller unit to anchor each side panel in the right place. This statue / garden ornament fits perfectly with the round Corten pots from the Bonnie series.


About Corten when manufacturing garden art

Corten steel is a durable and exclusive material that achieves a beautiful and deep reddish-brown color by exposure to weather and wind. Steel as a garden art/garden ornament gets a down-to-earth and vibrant color. Corten is very expressive when you mix this garden decoration with greenery, modern environments and material choices such as glass and concrete. The rust layer that forms becomes self-protective for the steel. It adheres to the metal surface which prevents moisture from penetrating. The insulating patina resists corrosion, requires no painting or weather insulation and does not compromise structural strength. The oxidation process of the steel becomes noticeable already after 6 months of outdoor use. It takes about 2 years for the steel to achieve an evenly roasted surface. You may speed up the process by, for example, brushing on salt water.

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