High planter - My Space - easily delimits your garden

With the help of the high planter, My Space, you can easily and nicely create a delimited area in your garden or patio. With the help of this tall planter, you get privacy protection, a nice fence for a terraced house or the opportunity to hide things. The size of the planter is 115 cm long, 25 cm wide and 83 cm high. It is made of 3 mm Corten with a nice rusty surface.

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Create your space with our high planter – My space

Easily create a new stylish patio using the high planter, My Space. Use this tall planter as a divider, to delimit surfaces, to create privacy, unique fence or to create beautiful formations. Why not frame a new patio in a nice sun position with the help of these high pots? Use decorative stone, wood chips or stone tiles in the middle of the delimited surface. Create a rectangular or square patio to thrive in by using four or more high planters spaced apart. That to create a natural divider. Rarely has it been so easy to create a unique, separate and private place!

If you need privacy protection, My Space is a beautiful element to achieve this since. The tall planter is 115 cm long, 25 cm wide and 83 cm high. The high planter has a folded top to create a profile and also has a bottom. Allocating surfaces with the help of these pots and our Corten fence creates an expressive place that would do really well for a terraced house to delimit the front or the back. The unique fence is 90 cm high and you can easily attach it by pushing it into the ground or casting it in a plinth. Together with this high planter in Corten, you create a really unique privacy protection.

Do you have a place on the plot that you want to hide? Then this high planter can be the answer to solve that quickly, easily and nicely.


High planter in Corten

Corten steel is a durable and exclusive material that achieves a beautiful and deep reddish-brown color when exposed to weather and wind. The steel gets a down-to-earth and vibrant color. Corten is very expressive when you mix it with greenery, modern environments and material choices such as glass and concrete. As the rust layer that forms becomes self-protective for the steel, it prevents moisture from penetrating. The insulating patina resists corrosion, requires no painting or weather insulation and does not compromise the structural strength of this high pot. The oxidation process of the steel becomes noticeable already after 6 months of outdoor use. It takes about 2 years for the steel to achieve an even rusty surface if you do not speed up the process by, for example, brushing on salt water.

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Weight 63 kg
Dimensions 115 × 25 × 83 cm