Indoor & outdoor lighting design - Corten luminaire Art Cube

The durable and exclusive cube, Art Cube, offers your home the right atmosphere. Together with our unique lamp Durabelle, the cube spreads a beautiful and artistic pattern. Art Cube can with advantage be used both indoors and outdoors as a lighting fixture, relief table / side table, coffee table or storage. The dimension of the cube is 40.5 x 40.5 x40.5 cm.

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Side table, Art Cube is ideal for places where the atmosphere is of great importance. It is a multifaceted interior detail that can advantageously decorate both indoor and outdoor environments. This since it is made of the durable material Corten where we have used 3 mm thick sheet metal to ensure long-term usage. This unique cube with a graphic pattern is more than just a side table. It is a work of art that is beautiful to look at both with and without light. It is perfect as a lighting design for flower beds, patios and in the living room. A glass top converts the cube into a nice little coffee table with glass or an illuminated outdoors relief table. We will soon offer mirror glass as an option.

The cube can be used as a stylish and decorative storage in combination with functioning as a small coffee table with glass or illuminated relief table / side table. Art Cube is available with a rusty Corten surface or painted with black car paint. Our side table stands on feets to ensure the graphic pattern can spread in all directions, even from below. Depending on which light bulb you choose, different types of effects are achieved via this cube.


Durabelle Corten lamp in our side table

The lamp has an E27 socket that creates endless possibilities to achieve different effects based on which light bulb you choose for the side table. With the help of an e27 socket, you can, for example, dissipate heat with the help of a heat bulb or create unique effects by choosing a light bulb that has an extra high power. Then you spread the graphic pattern from the cube clearly. Why not choose a clear glass globe for this lamp with a light bulb that spreads a fire-like glow in your side table? If you want to achieve a modern style, we recommend the variant with plexiglass. If you choose a cube without plexiglass, the Durabelle lamp and a clear glass globe, the cube will spread its pattern to its immediate surroundings. If you do not want the pattern to spread, you should choose a glass globe with opal glass and maybe even plexiglass. The Corten lamp is available with a rusty surface or with black lacquer and can be mounted on the ceiling, on a wall, inside, outside or in a bathroom.


Corten indoors as a coffee table with glass

Corten steel contains copper, chromium, manganese and nickel, which makes this a relatively expensive material. When Corten is exposed to weather and wind, it oxidizes. This forms a thick layer of rust, which protects a small coffee table. The copper color appears more and more clearly and the steel goes from having a black metal color to getting a beautiful rusty surface. The rusty surface creates a warm atmosphere that even works nicely indoors, especially when it is illuminated. If you are worried about rust stains from this relief table, you can spray matt clear lacquer on the rusty surface to avoid stains. The side table has a nice rusty surface already when it is delivered as the steel is pre-treated to look good directly as a relief table outdoors.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 40.5 × 40.5 × 40.5 cm
Surface treatment

Black car paint, Corten


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