Durable bird bath that also works as plant bowl & outdoor fire place ~ 60, 80 or 150 cm

Rest your eyes on this unique water lily bath / modern bird bath / plant bowl or use it to light a beautiful fire.

This Corten outdoor fire bowl may easily be converted to a sofa table when you do not use it as an outdoor fire bowl by adding an optional table top. Available in three sizes: 150 cm in diameter and 65 high, 80 cm in diameter and 36 high or 60 cm in diameter and 32 cm high.

NOTE! This alternative does not include our uniquely designed fire grille but only bowl.

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Modern bird bath which you also can use as plant bowl or outdoor fire place

Modern bird path, Glow, may also be used as a plant bowl, outdoor fire place or a water lily bath for plants and other unique creations. Let your creativity flow and create a unique, defined place to thrive. Why not plant water lilies in this beautiful bowl. At the same time give the birds a modern bird bath. A bird bath of rank with a solar cell fountain! The bowl has a nice rusty Corten surface that only gets more beautiful as years go by.


Glow outdoor fire place

This decorative bowl can be used in several ways in addition to modern bird baths or water lily bath. Light the Glow outdoor fire place and extend the garden party long after the sun has set. It will be hard to tear yourself away from an evening around this elegant and modernly designed fire bowl. Organize cozy barbecue evenings all year round in your garden with this outdoor fire place. To enable more ways of using this bowl than for modern bird bath, there is no hole in the bottom of this oiutdoor fire place. However, fire requires oxygen to circulate and preferably from below. Thus, we recommend that you buy our own designed fire grille in made of Corten for this outdoor fire place, which creates a distance between the bottom of the fire bowl and the grille. The circulation of Oxygen makes it easier to set fire to the wood.


As the fire  bowl in size 60 is 32 cm high, it is also suitable as a sofa table. Use an optional table top and you may easily convert the bowl to a coffee table when not using it as a fire bowl.


About Corten as a material choice for modern bird baths

Corten is a steel that achieves a beautiful deep reddish-brown color under the influence of weather and wind. Changing weather conditions transform its surface from ordinary steel paint to eventually achieve a thin protective reddish-brown rust layer. It is an oxidation process of the steel surface that starts with the help of weather and wind. Over time, this process causes the corrosion of the steel to stop. The rust layer that forms thus becomes self-protective for the steel and adheres to the metal surface which prevents moisture from penetrating. The insulating patina resists corrosion, requires no painting or weather insulation and does not compromise structural strength.

When the steel oxidizes, it acquires an earthy and vibrant color. Corten is very expressive when you mix it with greenery, modern environments and material choices such as glass and concrete. The oxidation process of the steel becomes noticeable already after 6 months of outdoor use, but it takes about 2 years for the steel to achieve an evenly roasted surface if you do not speed up the process by, for example, brushing on salt water. This outdoor fire place / plant bowl/ modern bird bath is pre-treated. Therefore it has a nice rusty surface that gets more beautiful as years go by.

If you want to avoid rust in the water, you can brush on a plant based wax from rapeseed, soy or coconut. See our <instrutional video here> for further information.

Glow modern bird bath of 4 millimeter thick Corten and will be a lovely bowl to admire for many years to come in your garden!

Additional information

Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 40 cm

60 cm, 80 cm, 150 cm, Table top to 80 cm (mirror glass), Table top to 80 cm (tempered glass)


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