Mood lighting outside & inside via Durabelle Corten lamp

Durabelle is a multifaceted lamp with E27 socket that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The lamp has an extra holder desinged by Cortenfabriken in addition to the basic structure to enable installing it on a wall, bollard, in our Art Cube, bathroom or use it on a table. This extra holder is available in rusty Corten or black lacquered.

563 kr2,595 kr inkl moms


Due to its smart extra holder designed by Cortenfabriken, the Durabelle Corten lamp is, in addition to the basic structure, a multifaceted lamp for both indoor and outdoor use and provides unique mood lighting. This holder enables this Corten lamp to be able to fitted in various ways for multifaceted use. It can be used as a wall lamp, bathroom lamp, table lamp, mounted on a wall, in our Art Cube alternatively as a bollard. The well-thought-out design of the lamp means that it blends well into various environments as a result of its industrial design and choice of material. An outdoor lamp as well as an indoor lamp intended to adorn various places and create unique mood lighting and atmosphere. Why not mount several lamps along a wall for mood lighting and thus create a unique modern environment? With this lamp, you create a unique atmosphere even outside as a table lamp / floor lamp at your outdoor group.

The holder is made of 3 mm thick Corten and is available in two different surface treatments, black lacquered or nice rusty Corten.

An outdoor lamp as well as an indoor lamp for mood lighting

The lamp is IP 44 rated and can therefore be used outdoors all year round. It also has an E27 socket that makes it possible to choose the style of light bulb yourself to create mood lighting. Today, there are many different varieties of light bulbs such as flaming and colored. There are also different shapes and energy ratings, which gives the Durabelle lamp a number of attractive options to create your own expression for mood lighting and easily update the style according to taste and area of ​​use.

We only use light sources from recognized quality brands in Europe. During the development of new products, the choice of light source is a very important part of their process as it is primary for the product’s function and overall quality. According to them, by collaborating with the leading manufacturers, they can also ensure a high quality of light sources, good longevity, light quality and light exchange for this mood lighting.

Material: Glass and powder coated metal

Lamp socket: E27

Light source: 40 W

Height: 285 mm

Width: 200 mm

Glass / aperture protection: Glass globe

Type: Luminaire for mood lighting

Color: Black / Corten

IP class: 44

Class: 1 p.m.


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Corten, Black lacquered

Glass globe

Opal, Clear glass