Pot Evolution 16 cm high

The unique little Corten pot, Evolution, focuses on durability. The pot is made of 3 mm thick metal, which gives an exclusive and unique impression. At the bottom of the pot you will find our graphic logo nicely engraved.

This high quality pot is adapted for a 16 cm self-watering tank.

This unique pot can be used both indoors and outdoors and is available in black lacquer or a nice rusty surface. Do not miss the associated glass saucer and glass frame, nor the pot saucer made of Acacia wood, that beautifully decorates this pot.

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Pot with tray 16 cm

Pot in Corten. A small Evolution planter that has a unique and well-thought-through design with a focus on durability. The planter is made of 3 mm thick metal which gives an exclusive impression. The bottom of the rusty pot is welded on the inside to achieve as even and stylish a look as possible. At the bottom of the flower pot you will find our graphic logo nicely engraved.

The pot is made of the weather-resistant and beautiful steel, Corten. This steel gets a deep reddish brown color if being exposed to weather and wind. Thus, there is now finally a durable pot where the plants thrive outdoors during summer and are easily moved indoors during winter. Now you can place the plants easily and neatly where you are spending most of your time for the time being, which is in line with the whole idea of ​​durability behind this flower pot.

Life should be simple and therefore the size of the pot is adapted for a 16 cm self-watering tank. If you are worried about rust stains, you can either place the pot on, for example, a tile or buy the associated glass saucer and glass frame. This rusty pot is available in different heights and is nice in sets. This pot is 16.7 cm high and 16.7 cm in diameter and can advantageously also be used as a marshall holder / outdoor candle holder.


Accessories for our pot in the Evolution series

Our goal is a timeless design where our small pots and vases can be used both indoors and outdoors without having to be afraid of rust stains. The base consists of our vases / flower pots and then you can update its design via our accessories.

If you are interested in an elegant design, we suggest our pot saucer and upper frame in tempered glass which are suitable for both Art Vase and our Evolution series. These parts are available in clear glass or frosted glass. Clear glass makes our rusty pots very elegant. They will glow beautifully if exposed to bright light. If you are rather interested in a more down-to-earth feeling, our pot saucer in Acacia wood with simple clean lines is an attractive alternative. These saucers come in several sizes and fit all our round pots, including Bonnie. The pot saucers can also be used as serving trays as Acacia wood is a type of wood that is often used for cutting boards and therefore can withstand humid environments.

We will continuously maintain the base, ie the planters, and at the same time update the design as we continuously produce pot saucers in new materials and colors. This discussion will be conducted on our Instagram account where everyone has the opportunity to comment. Our goal is to create a design that people really want. We do not follow trends slavishly that others tell us to follow.

All our saucers have the Cortenfactory’s graphic logo engraved on the back.


About Corten as a material choice for a Corten planter

Corten steel is very expressive when you mix it with greenery, modern environments and natural materials. Corten steel is a durable and exclusive material that achieves a beautiful and deep reddish-brown color of weather and wind. The rust layer that forms become self-protective. It adheres to the metal surface which prevents moisture from penetrating. The insulating patina resists corrosion, requires no painting or weather insulation and does not compromise structural strength. The oxidation process of the steel becomes noticeable already after 6 months of outdoor use. It takes about 2 years for the steel to achieve an evenly roasted surface if you do not speed up the process by, for example, brushing on salt water on the small Corten pot Evolution. Our Corten planter or marshal holder is delivered with a nice rusty surface or black lacquered.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 16.7 × 16.7 × 16.7 cm
Surface treatment

Corten with rusty surface, Corten with black car paint


pot only, with frosted glass saucer & glass frame, with glass saucer & glass frame in clear glass, with saucer in Acacia wood