Acacia saucer for Evolution Corten pot size 29 cm
Acacia saucer for Evolution Corten pot size 29 cm
Modern & stylish pot saucer size 49, serving tray or serving dish that makes it possible to use our round Corten pots indoors or on wooden trolleys.
Back of modern & stylish pot tray size 19, serving tray or serving dish size 19 cm that makes it possible to use our round Corten pots indoors or on wooden trolleys.

Pot saucer or serving tray in Acacia wood – Bond

Modern and stylish saucer with straight lines in lacquered Acacia wood. Finally a saucer that makes it possible to move our round and beautiful Corten pots from the Evolution series as well as Bonnie size 41 cm in diameter indoors during winter without worrying about any rust stains.

The saucer can advantageously also be used as a serving dish or serving tray during summer. Imagine serving tapas and drinks for loved ones on a 49 cm large serving dish where our logo is beautifully engraved on the backside. The party may begin!

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Our tray fits all our round pots from our Evolution series 16 cm and 29 cm in diameter. The saucer in size 49 cm fits our Bonnie pot size 41 cm. These saucers may also be used as serving tray / serving dish. Using natural materials via both sauce and pots gives an exclusive and elegant feeling. Imagine a beautiful palm tree this spring in a large Corten pot that stands on our dish Bond inside a stylish bathroom. A completely unique interior detail with a feng shui feel! The straight edges of the saucer contribute to a modern but at the same time timeless design. At the bottom of the pot dish is our graphic logo beautifully engraved. Here is the beautiful detail that counteracts dull rust stains from Cortenet and consequently enables decoration even indoors for those who are worried about rust stains. Finally, it is possible to also use Corten as an interior detail indoors with the help of our saucer. However, this saucer should not be used to collect water.

We strive to ensure that our products can be used in more than one way. Acacia wood is usually used for cutting boards since it can withstand moisture well. These saucers are thus also excellent as an exclusive serving dish or serving tray. With the help of this dish, you can easily alternate between using it as a saucer indoors during winter and serving tray during the summer months when you move out your plants outdoor.