Screen wall / fence (180 & 110 cm) ~ may be illuminated

Unique screen walls with graphic patterns that are 1.1 meters wide and made of 3 mm thick Corten. Available with holes or with welded square pipes in Corten for an exclusive and minimalist look without screw holes. These screens are available with a U-profile on the upper edge to make it possible to hide our optional LED light that is hidden between the screen and posts. See video for further information. The screens can be used as trellis, pergola, fence, wall-art or privacy protection. Available in heights 175 cm or 105 cm.

Note if the screens are not in stock, there will be 4-6 weeks delivery time.

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Screen wall – artwork that may be illuminated

Unique screen walls with graphic patterns that are 1.1 meters wide and made of 3 mm thick Corten. Our screen walls can be used as privacy protection, for pergola, trellis, wall-art, to create privacy or use them as fences.

Overview of all patterns for privacy protection / screen wall / pergola / trellis with welded Corten posts to create privacy.
Patterns on our high and low screens


Install a laser cut 3 mm thick Corten panel on any surface. It works wonders in your garden if you decorate an existing fence, want to create an eye-catching point of contact in your garden or as a divider / privacy screen. Let your plants meander around this screen wall like a trellis. These unique screens are suitable for private use as well as in public environments such as offices and restaurants to create privacy. These screens can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Option 1) Screen with upper U-profile for recessed LED lighting

Create an exciting and elegant lighting scene by illuminating your screens. Through the pattern of the screens, a beautiful light is spread where Corten is very expressive. It emits a mica, colors and creates atmosphere even in winter.

The curved version of the screen wall is bent at 90 degrees twice on the upper short side and thus create a U-profile. The posts fit under the curved upper edge and is as such protected from rain. There is a small distance between the post and the lower part of the curved upper edge so you can easily install a hidden led strip. To completely hide the cable assembly, you can then run the cable through one of the posts.

We have welded 3.5 x 3.5 cm square pipes in Corten on these screen walls to create an exclusive, modern and minimalist look. Thus, there are no visible screw holes or led strips as it is hidden with this option. For further information, see our inspiration video that shows the screen illuminated.


Optional LED lighting

We offer a product-adapted dimmable LED lighting kit as an option for our screens from Xcen. This kit has a power of 460 lumens (5 watts) which provides a comfortable light outdoors. As the Corten itself has a brown tone, color reprocessing will as such be perceived in the warmer direction. Therefore, we have chosen 3000K as the default option. This model has a protective silicone shell that gives IP class 68 and is completely waterproof. The model has a 5-year warranty and should last 50,000 hours.

If you want, you can control your lighting via an app in your mobile by, for example, buying a Plejd. Then you can set your lighting so it follows the sunset, dim down and turn your lighting on and off at a certain time.


Option 2) Screen with holes for installation in any post

There are also flat screens without a U-profile that have holes along the sides for those who prefer to use own type of post. These are well suited for pergola, trellis or wall art. The high screens have 4 holes along the long sides which are 6.5 mm and the low screens have 3 holes instead. These screens can be installed both horizontally and vertically as shown in the picture to the left below.


Screen wall in different sizes

Our screens are 110 cm x 105 cm or 110 x 175 cm. The screens that have welded Corten posts with an upper U-profile for LED lighting are a total of 110 cm or 180 cm high, including posts. The picture to the right shows the distance of 8 mm that exists between the square tube and the curved upper edge. Where you can easily run and hide a led strip.


Corten posts

Our posts are available in two lengths (1.09 meters / 1.79 meters) and made of 3 mm thick Corten. The posts, which consist of 3.5 x 3.5 cm square pipes in Corten, have holes so that you can fit it to the screens we have that have holes. If you do not want holes in your screen wall, you can weld the posts directly to the screen wall or alternatively buy the screen walls that already have welded posts for a cleaner impression.

Posts including feet are available as single or double if you want to install several screens in a row and create privacy, build a pergola or longer trellis. Feel free to watch our instructional video regarding tips on how to install our Corten posts.

Stängselstolpar / staketstolpar / Cortenstolpar

Corten fence post- single vs double

If you want, you can also install the posts to wooden posts if you intend to, for example, build a pergola.

If you want to speed up the rusty look of these screens, you can mix a little table salt with water and spray on with a flower sprayer (approx. 2-4 tbsp / liter of water). Leave overnight and then wash off with clean water a few times to remove the salt residue. The more times you soak the steel and let it dry, the faster you get a nicely rusted surface.

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Variants and options

"Orchid" 180 cm high with posts & curved upper edge, "Eternity" 180 cm high with posts & curved upper edge, "Flower" 180 cm high with posts & curved top edge, "Square" 180 cm high with posts & curved top edge, "Sunny" 180 cm high with posts & curved top, "The Gate" 180 cm high with posts & curved top, "United" 180 cm high with legs & curved top, "Flower" 110 cm high with posts & curved upper edge, "Square" 110 cm high with posts & curved top edge, "Square" 105 cm high with straight top, "Square" 175 cm high with straight top, "Gabbe" 175 cm high with straight top, single post for 105 screen, double post for 105 screen, single post for 175 screen, double post for 175 screen, ledkit 1 screen, ledkit 2 screens, ledkit 3 screens


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