Self-watering pot in stainless steel - Laser Jack design pot

Laser Jack is a laser-cut self-watering pot in stainless steel (316 L) painted in black car paint for long durability. This pot can easily be illuminated by threading a cable through the laser-cut part. The pot is square with the dimensions 55 x 55 x 55 cm.

5,826 kr7,394 kr inkl moms


Laser Jack designer pot is a laser-cut self-watering pot made of the exclusive material stainless steel, which provides an exclusive interior. A real designer pot that is a large and painted in black car paint. This pot is completely unique and mixes only the best materials with function. The idea is that you should be able to move your favorite tree to your patio outdoors during summer and then take it inside during winter. Imagine, for example, a beautiful avocado or fig tree in this pot.

In this large pot, there is also a self-watering system in stainless steel that allows you to relax if you go on vacation. If you want, you can thread a cable through the laser-cut part to beautifully illuminate the pot, which gives this unique design pot that little bit extra.

The pot is square and is 55 cm long, 55 cm high and 55 cm wide. The thickness of the steel is 1.5 mm. The alternative to this pot is Trendsetter which is also insulated.


What is the most suitable stainless steel for your self-watering stainless steel pot?

There are different grades of stainless steel. In general, the cheaper option 304 is sufficient for most projects that are not directly linked to the water. If you want to place the pots in more exposed areas such as close to the sea and salt, 316 is a better alternative.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 55 cm
Steel option

304, 316