Swing bed Trainspotter in do-it-yourself or finished design

Swing bed Trainspotter is an outdoor bed that got its name for a reason. With this bed, we offer you the opportunity to be part of the creative process as the bed is available in a do-it-yourself design or in a finished format.

Now you have the opportunity to only buy an unpainted metal frame from the Cortenfactory and paint it yourself in any color of choice. With the help of the do-it-yourself guide included, you can easily create your own variant of outdoor bed and can thus influence both the price tag and its climate footprint.

Click here to see a short video showing the swing bed.

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Outdoor bed with metal frame, adjustable mattress & textile roof

Swing bed Trainspotter is an outdoor bed that got its name for a reason. With this swing bed / dream hammock, we offer you the opportunity to be part of the creative process. In this way you contribute to:


  • to support your local suppliers and thus reduce your climate footprint
  • affect the total cost by making parts yourself
  • create your own unique design


What is needed for this swing bed to be complete?

All links in this text are there to guide you in where to find all the parts. The base of this swing bed is its metal frame. It is made of 2 mm thick steel. When buying only a frame, a sketch is included that shows all parts such as the roof and size of the slatted base. We can deliver this frame unpainted to you. By hand-painting it with metal paint, you not only get a durable alternative. You also have the opportunity to choose the color and improve if someone should bump into or scrape away some paint from your outdoor bed. If you paint it with good color, this swingbed / dream hammock can remain outdoors all year round!


To this swing bed, you also need a slatted base for a single bed. Here you can choose whether you want a height-adjustable slatted base or alternatively build your own variant. Feel free to choose one in wood so you can paint it with outdoor paint to make it last longer.


To hang the swing bed in a tree or scaffold, you need some form of wire or rope. We have chosen jute rope with the dimension 16 mm and have created a loop to hang the outdoor bed. To prevent the wire from hanging loose against the bar, we have chosen a wire lock for a 16 mm thick rope.


You then need a mattress for your outdoor bed. We sell mattress covers for you that are 100% waterproof so you can use any mattress for your bed. Lying in a real mattress outdoors is wonderful. We promise!

Regarding the roof, you can either sew one yourself or we can contribute with it.


Parts needed for your outdoor bed

In summary, the following parts are needed for your swing bed:

  • metal frame
  • metal paint
  • slatted base for single bed
  • mattress for 90 cm bed (not included in any of the alternatives)
  • mattress cover that is 100% waterproof
  • rope / wire with wire lock
  • possibly a roof


We hope to see lots of different variations. Feel free to send a picture and we will share and tag you in our feed Instagram.

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 206 × 95 × 130 cm

unpainted metal frame only, only unpainted metal frame ink mattress cover, complete bed


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