Weight calculator soil in any steel pot

Calculate how much your planter including soil weighs

Weight calculatior soil, to think about

Below is a calculator for calculating the weight of soil regardless of whether it is wet or dry. You may also calculate weight of a steel planter. The calculation is based on normal planting soil. If you use peat moss, the weight of your planter with soil will be lower. If, on the other hand, you use soil that is easily compacted, such as sand-enriched soil or clay, the soil will weigh more (high density). The weight calculation below shows that drainage in the planter is worth thinking about. Weight wet soil can quickly become very heavy if you miss this.

Below you may calculate the weight of your steel planter. This regardless of whether it is round, square or rectangular in addition to weight calculation soil.

If you think that the weight of the planter with soil is too high, you may add Perlite, Pumice stone or Leca. Also make sure that there are drainage holes in the bottom or 10 cm up in the pot so that excess water can drain out. Then you avoid high weight from wet soil which is reflected above when calculating soil weight.

For large planters, heavy steel pot is not the big problem. Rather, the choice of plants to achieve a good calculation of soil for the planter. Avoid weight from wet soil by choosing plants for the planter that thrive in light weight soil like peat moss or loam soil.