Our room separator that can be LED-illuminated. Double-sided decorative screen to create room divider. Beautiful as a wall-art / ceiling lamp.
intermediate fence holder Corten
Free-standing foot for our room divider that may be illuminated. Our room separator that can be LED-illuminated. Double-sided decorative screen to create room divider. Beautiful as a wall-art / ceiling lamp.
Room divider, decorative screen, room separator, wall-art on a free-standing foot

Room divider (144×70 cm) / illuminated wall-art

Unique and luxurious double-sided screen wall that is laser cut in Corten (144 cm high, 70 cm wide and 3.6 cm deep). This room divider fits into most environments, both private and public, both indoors and outdoors.

There are several uses, such as fences, room dividers, wall-art, decorative screens to hide things, trellis or to create a delimited conservatory. These walls create a special and unique light play if they are illuminated.

$90.40$898.16 inc VAT

Room divider / decorative screen or wall-art for indoor or outdoor use

Room separator / wall-art that has double decorative screens which are welded together into one unit. This room divider is both unique and luxurious. The height is 144 cm, the width 70 cm and the depth 3.6 cm. On one short side there is a lid. The opening is for threading in a led strip if you want to illuminate the room divider. If you want privacy protection, there is room for two opal plexiglass between the screens.

The room divider is beautiful to use in several ways, so let your creativity flow! Create atmosphere and cozy area both indoors and outdoors. Give your interior a luxurious feel. This room separator fits into most environments, both private and public. You can now hide less attractive areas and instead create beautiful art! This decorative screen combines practical function with a stylish design that elevates the room.

The decorative screens are made in Corten.


Screen for outdoor use

Install the room divider on our minimalist posts. Use this room divider in either portrait or landscape format. You can then frame your patio or bridge with a LED-illuminated fence. Get stylish fence against the neighbor or around your patio. Who does not want to create that unique and relaxing atmosphere to stay in the evening? The room divider fits as a trellis to our smallest pot in the Trendsetter series, so why not create an illuminated conservatory where plants can climb the screens along your conservatory?

They are beautiful as wall-art on the house facade or as free-standing decorative screens. With the help of the bent foot, you can mount several room dividers in a row. Then you connect cables in series so that they are not visible and at the same time avoid tripping. These unique LED-illuminated room dividers are guaranteed to attract attention. They will create a wonderful atmosphere to want to stay in the evening!


Screen for indoor use

Use the room divider indoors to divide different rooms and areas. A home can really benefit from dividing areas such as between the kitchen and living room. Bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms are some examples where a room separators may transform an environment.

This decorative screen is beautiful as illuminated wall-art instead of using ordinary traditional paintings. Alternatively, why not use the room divider as a luxury coat hanger in the bedroom?


Room divider in public environments

Public spaces and service areas often require room dividers. This is to shield or highlight different environments. An office landscape often requires that you create privacy and hide things, while restaurants often benefit from dividing their premises to create separate spaces and homely feeling.

You can easily move these room dividers around. You can then frame your outdoor terrace or patio during the summer. Later you may use them indoors during winter to create different rooms in your restaurant. These LED illuminated room dividers catch the eye. They create a wonderful atmosphere that you want to stay in during the evening!