Story about the Cortenfactory

Home decor, garden, durable materials, laser cutting, Sunnebovägen 8
The Cortenfactory's exhibition environment is taking shape

Why the Cortenfactory and laser cutting? Durable materials, unique and creative design have always appealed to me. I like challenges so standard solutions are not for me. The more complicated the more exciting. I love to work globally!

When we built our house, we designed everything ourselves. We searched for factories from all corners of the world and project led the whole construction. We thus bought all the material directly from factories and designed the doors, windows, lighting, built-in shelves and more. This provided valuable experience for new projects. We are relatively alone with the choice of roof in Sweden. It decided to go for slate roof!

This is how the idea behind the Cortenfactory started and laser cutting

When I during the final stages of our construction laid 20 pallets with the cube stone, built retaining walls and prepared for electrical wiring, I realized that there is a gap to fill! I eventually became quite tired of mixing concrete. Then it suddenly hit me that Corten and stainless steel are durable materials that would not only fit nicely in the garden but also indoors.

With these maintenance-free materials, you could create unique and illuminated environments by amongst others using laser cutting in a snap! Furthermore, use some of the same products indoors as outdoors to create a natural transition between these environments.

Retaining wall & My Space - tall planter
Retaining wall & My Space - tall planter
The left part of the Cortenfactory’s showroom with sustainable materials and evergreen plants Right part under construction. This is where the idea is born. There are easier ways!
Concrete mixer
Concrete mixer

Close collaboration with factories that, amongst other things, offer laser cutting

Already when we built our house, I realized that a key is to work directly with factories. Then you ensure that the end product will end up the way you intended and participate in knowledge sharing. You gain invaluable knowledge during the process of realizing your ideas. The pride and joy that is spread when you test the end product is palpable. Addictive!

Pattern for laser cutting. Here, home furnishings and garden decor are manufactured using sustainable materials.
A lot is managed digitally today, which facilitates collaboration with different types of factories, which is required to finalize all details

Own unique & minimalist design in garden and home decor

Tulip garden art in rusty metal (Corten); monument / statue / outdoor decoration / garden figures / garden decoration / garden ornaments / outdoor lighting / lighting design from Cortenfabriken
Tulip LED illuminated, made of 5 mm thick laser cut Corten

I make all the sketches for the products myself, participate in the production process and test everything myself before launch. Watch an example of this in the YouTube video where I show how to install the Cortenfactory’s new screen walls.

I want to understand how the whole product is connected. Therefore, it appeals to me to have a large showroom where I can draw the product, test it and exhibit it in a natural environment. This is to ensure that the product is not only nice on a sketch but actually works in reality.

Durability within home decor & garden

A basic principle is that I would rather create solid things once than use simpler / cheaper materials that must be replaced within a few years. The thickness of the steel is a good example. It is usually well-sized in the Cortenfactory’s design. Creating real products with your own unique design means that you do not, as easily, get tired of them and want to replace them. Laser cutting offers unique opportunities to develop creative designs.

It should be noted that I have received invaluable help from my followers on Instagram and Facebook. There we have open discussions and brainstorm ideas regarding garden and home decor.

Cortenfactory’s showroom with sustainable materials & evergreen plants

Art Glow ~ fire bowl / cocktail tables with glass top. Experiments continuously take place with different types of materials.

Cooperation that promotes local production

Home decor, garden, durable materials, laser cutting

The Cortenfactory’s products are primarily tested in Sweden. Since much afterwards can just as easily be done digitally, we see advantage with collaboration with factories abroad. By manufacturing our products as close to the customer as possible, we can minimize our climate footprint when selling outside Sweden’s borders.

If you have a factory with the possibility of warehousing and laser cutting, you are welcome to contact the Cortenfactory.

The Cortenfactory has developed a standardized work process to ensure the quality of the end product for the customer, which we will then work according to.

Together, we create “products of the future” within garden and home decor. Your factory will have the opportunity to take part in an international network where we together are able to procure goods and services for our businesses without further obligations. Get in touch and we will tell you more!