Durable pot, Corten pot Evolution 29 cm

The three mm thick and weather resistant Corten pot Evolution (size L) is available in black lacquered or with nice rusty surface.

Now you can save your plants during winter by moving the Corten pot indoors and placing it on our Acacia wood pot saucer. This is a high quality pot is adapted for a 28 cm self-watering inner pot and is nice to mix with other pots from either the Evolution series or Bonnie.

950 kr1,524 kr inkl moms


Large Corten pot Evolution 29 cm

The large Corten planter Evolution has a unique and well-thought-through design and is a durable pot, a rustic pot. The weld is on the inside of the timeless pot. That to achieve an as even and stylish a look as possible. Here you don’t see any welding edge. At the bottom of the durable planter you will find our graphic logo nicely engraved. The pot is made of the weather-resistant and beautiful steel, Corten. This steel gets a deep reddish brown color by exposure to weather and wind. This durable pot comes with a nice rusty Corten surface.

It is a durable pot still modern style. A durable pot where the plants may thrive outdoors during summer and easily moved indoors during winter. Now you can place the plants easily and neatly where you spend most of your time, which is in line with the whole idea of ​​durability behind this durable planter.

Life should be simple the size of the rustic pot is and therefore adapted for a 28 cm self-watering inner pot. If you worry about rust stains, you can place this durable pot on, for example, a tile. This timeless pot is nice in sets with other pots from the Evolution or Bonnie serie. Evolution is 29 cm high and 29 cm in diameter.


Associated wood saucer in Acacia for durable pot

Modern and stylish saucer with straight lines in lacquered Acacia wood. Finally a saucer that makes it possible to move all our round and beautiful durable pots indoors during winter without worrying about any rust stains (size 16 to 60 cm in diameter). You may also use this pot tray as a serving tray during summer. Imagine serving tapas and drinks for loved ones on a 33 or 49 cm large serving tray where our logo is beautifully engraved on the backside. Due to the design of this durable pot it fits both outdoors and indoors. That since our increasingly warmer climate makes it wise to let these two environments merge.



Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 29 × 29 × 29 cm
Surface treatment

Corten with rusty surface, Corten with black car paint


pot only, with Acacia saucer